Who are our courses for?
On this platform, we offer you online courses with carefully content. We want to enable you to improve your piping to the point, broadening your horizons as well as enhancing your stylistic vocabulary. The courses are geared towards pipers of varying ability (beginners to advanced) and you can find detailed descriptions for each course. 
How does it work?
Our online courses are based on many years of tuition experience and are well thought through. We use mediums such as video, audio, PDFs and learning quizzes. All the material has one aim in mind: Helping you to progress with your music. You set the pace in which the course runs for you – once purchased, your are granted access to the material for as long as we run this platform. 

How do I gain access?
To gain access to one of our online courses, you have to purchase the course you would like to participate in. You can also buy a voucher for yourself or as a gift for a friend. After your purchase, you should receive an email with further instructions. 

Do I need an account?
We have teamed up with elopage.com to make this platform happen. As part of your purchase, you will be allocated a user account with elopage. In our membership area, your course(s) will be displayed.

What are the technical necessities?
You can participate by using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Is there some kind of subscription to this?
No. You decide, which courses you want to participate in. You only pay once and you can access the material as often and as long as you like, see above.

Further questions?
Sorry we did not answer your questionabove. Please email us to: