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Idea & Concept: Thomas Zöller
Hello & Welcome! On this platform we provide you with piping courses in a new online format. It is your choice, when to dive into the pre-recorded material – our platform is there for you 24/7. You can start right here, right now.

The following course is available as of now:

  • Three favourite tunes of Calum (Maol Donn (Pibroch-Ground), Lord Lovat's (Strathspey) & The White Houses of Shieldaig (Reel))
  • Calum initially teaches you the core aspects of his favourite pieces, as well as providing you with insights into each genre and the sources they stem from.
  • As part of "Maol Donn", Calum uses his own Canntaireachdstyle, encouraging you to discover the expressive nature of this ancient teaching method.
  • An extensive talk between Calum and Thomas, highlighting various aspects of the tunes and beyond.
  • Ca. 75 minutes of video material.
  • Language: English, with German subtitles.

  • Calum explores the rhythmic nature of various piping embellishments, allowing pipers of traditions other than the Scottish one as well as other musicians to adapt the three tunes onto their instrument.
  • You can play the tuitionvideos at various speeds, accommodating your needs in the learning process.
  • You receive the score of each piece in two versions: One in the typical Scottish bagpipe notation as well as a setting suitable for any other type of instrument.

SUITABLE FOR (Intermediate level)
  • The range of these three melodies is an octave plus one note in the Mixolydian mode. This is the standard scale of Scottish bagpipes (Great Highland Bagpipe, Borderpipe, Scottish Smallpipe). The three pieces are of an intermediate level.


  • Three favourite pieces of Fiona (An Dro, Rhiannon & Sandpipers)
  • Fiona initially teaches you a basic version of her favourite tunes. She then moves on to sharing her personal style, which she embeds into the pieces, explaining her techniques to you in detail.
  • A conversation between Thomas and Fiona, featuring stories of Fionas journey as bagpiper as well as further background information relating to the three pieces presented.
  • Ca. 150 minutes of  video material
  • Language: German with English subtitles

  • Fionas exclusive tipps & tricks, how you can enhance your musical expression on your bagpipe.
  • You can play the tuition-videos at various speed, accommodating your needs in the learning process.
  • All three scores in PDF-format.

SUITABLE FOR (beginner to intermediate):
  • The three pieces have a range of difficulty. The preliminary traditional Breton "An Dro" should be accessible with 6-12 months of playing experience. Fionas own piece "Rhiannon" as well as Toon van Mierlos "Sandpipers" are more complex. They involves techniques that will offer a challenge to the intermediate player.